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Addinol Universal Cleaner Spray



ADDINOL universal cleaner spray is based on a mixture of hydrocarbons and solvents.

Optimum use and storage temperature from +15°C to +25°C .



• A DDINOL universal cleaning spray is ideal for cleaning and maintaining all material surfaces in industry, workshops, at home and for hobbies.
• It is used to degrease and dissolve residues on moving parts, engine and transmission components.
• Cleaning of chains, clutch and brake linings on motor vehicles and bicycles
• Degreasing of sealing and adhesive surfaces before installation or further treatment
• Removal of aged and resinified oil and grease residues and adhesive residues


1.  Check compatibility before use on plastics and rubber.
2. Do not use in closed rooms
3. Shake the spray can well before use .
4. Spray onto the surface to be cleaned, leave to take effect and wipe off the dirt. Repeat the process for stubborn dirt. 5. Cleaned, dry components can be further processed or used immediately. 6. Spray distance about 20 – 30cm

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