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Addinol Antifreeze Extra


Product description

ADDINOL Antifreeze Extra is a high quality and environmentally friendly radiator antifreeze based on ethylene glycol with special anti-corrosion agents for all materials used on the engine.



  • Excellent for long-term protection against frost and corrosion for cooling circuits in combustion engines.
  • Particularly recommended for use in high-performance engines where special aluminum protection is required at higher temperatures.
  • Very well suited for use in all modern petrol and diesel engines.


ADDINOL Antifreeze Extra is a coolant concentrate that has to be diluted with water before use. It must not be used as a pure concentrate. It can be mixed with water in any ratio.

Mixing ratios:

Antifreeze Extra         Water        Antifreeze up to
35% 65% – 18°C
​​40% 60% – 24°C
50% 50% – 36°C


Adequate corrosion protection is not guaranteed below a concentration of < 33% ADDINOL Antifreeze Extra!


  • High chemical stability
  • Concentrate – mixable with any water
  • Excellent protection against corrosion
  • Long life span
  • Neutrality to rubber and plastics
  • Free of silicate, nitrite, amine, borate and phosphate
  • Low tendency to foam



  • Long lifetime
  • Desired frost protection can be set in a targeted manner, economical use
  • Protection of all metals used in the unit, eg aluminium, cast iron, copper
  • Year-round use, also suitable for extended change intervals
  • Increased protection against leaks
  • no deposits
  • Reliable in practical use


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