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Addinol Super Synth 2T MZ 408


ADDINOL Super Synth 2 Takt MZ 408 is a fully synthetic mixed oil that is ideally suited for heavily loaded engines. Based on base oils of the most modern synthesis technology, the Super Synth MZ 408 offers you exactly the safety and reliability that you expect from a modern mixed oil.

ADDINOL has been producing motor oil and two-stroke oil for over 80 years. Due to the most modern research and development, fully synthetic mixed oil was developed for modern engines in order to ensure optimal wear protection and perfect friction behavior in the engine with ever higher performance.

In addition to these properties, the Super Synth 2-stroke MZ 408 is characterized by excellent viscosity behavior, which means that it still offers perfect ignition behavior in the engine even with strongly changing temperatures . In addition, it is a fully synthetic blended oil that is biodegradable and is therefore extremely environmentally friendly.

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