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Castrol Rustilo™ DW 330 (previously called SafeCoat™ DW 33) is a high quality solvent deposited corrosion preventive with good dewatering properties. The solvent, after evaporation, leaves a firm greasy protective film.

Rustilo DW 330 is a long term protective for use in severe conditions where a high degree of protection is required. It is ideal for protection of machine tools and components prior to long-term storage or transportation.
The product also shows good water displacing properties. Although Rustilo DW 330 can be applied by brushing or spraying, its dewatering action is most effective if the articles to be protected can be immersed in a dip tank.

-Based on low aromatic solvent (aromatic content less than 0.5 %).
-Free from heavy metals, such as Barium.
-Stable film characteristics reduce run-off loss and thus increase process reliability.
-Fingerprint suppressant.
-Good water displacing and penetrating properties.
-High stability against acidic and alkaline contaminations.
-Long bath-lifetimes possible.

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