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Castrol Tection Monograde 10W


Castrol Tection Monograde is a diesel engine oil available in SAE 10W, 20W, 30, 40 & 50 viscosities.


The primary application of Castrol Tection Monograde 10W is in diesel engines, hydraulic systems and transmissions that specify the use of a monograde diesel engine oil.


Castrol Tection Monograde 10W provides excellent protection in applications where a monograde diesel engine oil is required.

User benefits include

  • Protection against wear and deposits. Castrol Tection Monograde 10W is formulated to reduce many types of wear and
  • also reduce the build-up deposits, so maintenance costs are controlled and unscheduled downtime is prevented.
  • Can be used in hydraulic and transmission systems that specify use of a monograde engine oil

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