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Castrol LM Grease 2 is a Multi-purpose, Lithium base grease. Lithium base greases start with specially selected mineral oils of outstanding oxidation and corrosion properties. They are manufactured to close control drop points, penetration numbers, alkalinity and ash content to offer high stability, long life, good water-proofing and excellent resistance to changes in consistency. Castrol LM Grease 2 is characterized by a smooth texture, low starting torque, high melting point and can work sucessfully at operating temperatured of 120°C and good pumpability at -30°C. Ithas a great affinity to metal surfaces which gives add protection, lubrication and resistance to high centrifugal forces.


Castrol LM Grease 2 is a premium quality grease primarily designed for wheel bearing lubrication. It is an outstanding chassis lubricant and is suitable for automotive applications.

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