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Castrol Lubri-Kut 150 is a multi-functional, mineral oil based chain and cutter bar lubricant, containing a unique additive package tailor-made for chainsaws.


  • Castrol Lubri-Kut 150 is recommended for use in all makes of chainsaws as a chain and cutter lubricant.
  • The highly effective additive package ensures maximum performance and protection to chains and guide bars under all working conditions.


  • Reduces downtime.
  • Reduces stockholding and is cost effective.
  • Excellent lubricant retention, film thickness and surface adhesion, resulting in lower oil consumption.
  • Extended life to chains, cutter bars and sprocket bearings.
  • The highly effective corrosion inhibitor carries on working when the chainsaw is standing to protect against
  • the corrosive effect of the wood sap.
  • The viscosity grade and high viscosity index has been selected to give optimum performance in all operating
  • Ensures maximum protection at cold start-up, as well as at high working temperatures.
  • The anti-wear additive protects chains, cutter bars, bearings and sprockets even in the most arduous working
  • After extensive field trials, substantial improvement in wear life of components was achieved.
  • Contains anti-wear and anti-corrosive additives.

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